Optimized Energy Conservation Procedure for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network

  • ICCEMME Conference


A WSN is composed of device with dissimilar energy levels. For saving energy, a grouping algorithm is obligatory and it also intensification the epoch time of the network and the firmness epoch of the network. For securing the energy conservation of the network, energy-efficient grouping etiquettes are designed for the HWSN. We projected the protocol for the energy-efficient grouping scheme which is an enhanced version of the protocols such as EDEEC, SEP, DEEC, and DDEEC. Simulation outcomes demonstrate that the proposed mechanism is well recovering than the SEP (A Stable Election Protocol), DEEC (Distributed Energy Efficient Grouping Protocol), EDEEC (Enhanced Distributed Energy-Efficient Protocol), DDEEC (Developed DEEC) in standings of the network duration, number of packets delivered to the BS, amount of CH selected and number of nodes alive per smoothed. The CH will be selected founded on the original energy and the left-over energy of the device.