Experimental and Computational Investigation of Flow Fields using Accelerated Erosion Test Ring (AETR)

  • ICCEMME Conference


The erosion of the blades of hydraulic pumps and turbines, caused due to the water that has enormous suspended particles and erosive agents, is a severe global challenge among scientists and engineers. In the present work, an attempt has been made to compute the extent of erosion caused by water when it passes through devices like hydraulic machines, centrifugal pumps and turbines. Experimental and computational techniques using pitched turbine blades with 45o with the horizontal plane under down pumping condition is employed for investigation of the suspension phenomena for calculating erosion wear by sand suspended in water in river, canal on turbine, pump blades. An experimental set up, named as Accelerated Erosion Test Rig (AETR), is developed through dimensional analysis. For experimental analysis, the sand particle size and propeller dimensions were varied while running the propeller at different speeds. Experimental results revealed that the propeller speed must be maintained at an optimum value, preferably lower speeds, to ensure maximum lifting of impurities and sand particles from the base of the cylinder.