Quantitative Environmental Risk Assessment of Leachate from a closed landfill - A case study

  • Anwar Faisal Al-Yaqout Kuwait University
Keywords: Contamination, environmental risk assessment, leachate, unlined landfill.


Awareness of environmental protection among the public is on the rise. The regulatory bodies in the world and especially in Kuwait are concerned with identifying the risks posed by closed landfill sites. In this study, quantitative risk assessment for the leachate generated from Al-Sulaibiya closed landfill in Kuwait was carried out after conducting a site investigation. Risk assessments are widely used to manage environmental issues. This study was conducted to assess the groundwater contamination due to landfill leachate. Three boreholes were drilled, in addition to the existing old boreholes at the landfill site. Leachate samples were collected and were analyzed. The results of analyses indicated high concentrations of nitrate, sulfate, iron, and other metals in the leachate samples. The quantitative risk assessment indicates that a number of leachate samples exceeded the contamination limits, raising concerns about the contamination and toxicity at the landfill site.

Author Biography

Anwar Faisal Al-Yaqout, Kuwait University
Associate Professor



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