Design And Analysis Of Advanced Walker Cum Rollator

  • ICIPPSD Conference


Over the year’s walker or rollator have helped many elderly people to overcome the barrier of dependency. As the age grows, the muscles and bones suffer weakening due to lack of calcium because of which person has to depend on others for their movement. This unwanted condition creates a bad physiological and psychological impact on the victim and slowly pulls them out of all possible types of interactions with society. Thus, to make the walker more users friendly, safe, and reliable, a new design or solution is proposed. This not only addresses the problem which is prevalent in the elderly section of society but also will be helpful to people with other disabilities. The proposed design of the walker is to increase the safety and movability of the user. The design of this walker is advanced as it consists of various sensors like an Obstacle sensor, GPS, and Load Sensor. In this paper, the design and analysis of an advanced walker cum rollator is elaborated, which significantly reduces the challenges faced by the elderly and specially challenged in day-to-day life.