Experimental study on dehumidification performance of liquid desiccant system with aqueous HCO2K solution

  • ICIPPSD Conference


The liquid desiccant systems are one of the promising technologies in dehumidification applications. The experimental study on dehumidification performance of a counter flow structured packing liquid desiccant system is done with Aqueous HCO2K as working fluid. The HCO2K solution at different mass flow rate of air and solution is tested. The airflow rate is varied from 0.187 kg/s to 0.272 kg/s and the solution flow rate is varied from 0.053 to 0.115 kg/s. The output parameters, specific moisture change, moisture removal rate, dehumidification effectiveness and latent heat removal capacity varied in following ranges 3-4.2 g/kg of dry air, 2.4-3.1 kg/h, 0.12-0.21 and 1.7-2.1 kW respectively. Particularly when air flow rate increases from 0.187 kg/s to 0.272 kg/s the moisture removal performance improves about 11% whereas when the solution flow rate increases from 0.055 to 0.115 kg/s, improvement in moisture removal performance about 20%.  The results imply that increase in solution flow rate always have the positive impact on dehumidification performance. The increase in airflow rate has the negative impact on specific moisture removal and effectiveness, but the impact is positive in case of the moisture removal rate and latent heat removal capacity. The Overall results show a promising dehumidification performance and further improvement is possible by incorporating a cooling system.