Evaluating and ranking the circular supply chain implementation enablers

  • ICIPPSD Conference


This research aims to evaluate and rank the Circular Supply Chain (CSC) enablers for the effective implementation of CSC management. From the literature and input received from industrial experts, 30 CSC enablers are identified. Further, the selected CSC enablers are classified into seven main categories. This research employs the Pythagorean fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (PF-AHP) technique to prioritize the selected CSC enablers based on pairwise comparison of criteria and sub-criteria. The effectiveness of the proposed method is illustrated with the help of responses received from an Indian manufacturing industry. The result reveals that global climate pressure and ecological scarcity of resources is the most significant enabler and the environment management certifications and systems is the least important enabler. The result of the present study will assist the practitioners / decision makers in implementing CSC in manufacturing organizations by adopting the ranking obtained in a systematic way.