Effect Of CNT/TIB2 Particle On Mechanical, Metallurgical Behaviour Of Magnesium (AZ91D) Composites

  • ICIPPSD Conference


Carbon Nano tubes (CNT) and Titanium di Boride particles (TiB2) with different weight percentages reinforced composite magnesium alloy (AZ91D) were fabricated and the impact of changes in the mechanical and metallurgical properties of composites was assessed. Different weight percentage strengths of CNT (1.5 percent) and TiB2 particles (5 %, 10%, 15 %) were applied to AZ91D grade magnesium alloy for various stir casting system process parameters in this study. For reinforcement-matrix interfacial reactions, SiC and Al2O3 were also added. The composites with 10% TiB2 and (1.5 % CNT+1 % SiC+1% Al2O3) reinforcement show high hardness, whereas other reinforcements show increased elongation. The presence of elements revealed by energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy also characterizes the composites using optical and scanning electron microscopy.