Design Of Modular Architecture For EV And HEV For Passenger Cars

  • ICIPPSD Conference


Hybridization is important to obtain the advantages of both the engine and motor as the sources of propulsion. This paper discusses the effect of hybridization of powertrain on vehicle performance. The Hybrid architectures are differentiated on the basis percentage of power dependency on the engine and motor. Passenger car with hybridization ratios of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% are modelled on MATLAB/Simulink using the backward facing approach with the engine and motor specifications remaining constant. The hybridizations ratios and the energy consumption in terms of fuel and battery energy are obtained from the model and compared. Neural network is implemented to determine the fuel consumption. The outputs can be used by a system designer to determine a desirable hybridization factor based on the requirements dictated by the specific application.