Finite Element Behavior Of AA7075 Under Square Shape Of Striker Of Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar With Varying Loads

  • ICIPPSD Conference


To know the high strain rate behavior of aluminum alloy 7075 (AA7075) is very significant due to its vital uses in aviation, buildings, and automobile industries. Taylor impact test, projectile tests and split Hopkinson pressure bar are usually utilized to know the behavior of materials under high strain rate conditions. But due to lack of availabilities and very costly setups, various types of changes can’t be done easily.  However, numerical simulation gives opportunity to observe the phenomena of materials under different conditions without much cost. This paper investigated the behavior of square shaped specimens of AA7075 under varying impact velocities of impact velocities of 20m/s-50m/s of square striker bar of SHPB using Abaqus. To understand the importance of shape, striker bar and specimen shape are varying from square to circular under dynamic conditions. Results obtained under varying conditions indicated that the material behavior strongly dependent to the strain rates, striker shapes and specimen shapes.