Statistical Investigation Of I-shaped Stiffened Rectangular Plate By Taguchi Response Evaluation

  • ICIPPSD Conference


In this research, the buckling of stiffened rectangular plate with square opening is studied using techniques of FEA. The stiffener used for analysis is I shaped placed on edges and in vertical configuration. Critical buckling loads are determined from load multiplier values obtained from FEA simulation. The features of stiffener are further optimized with Taguchi response technique to acquire essential responses of variables with respect to yield variables. The sensitivities of various optimization parameters are also determined. The results indicated that substantial enhancement in buckling resistance can be achieved through optimized dimensions of stiffeners. For safety-factor least both lower width and upper width shows positive sensitivities with lower width sensitivity rate is 54.041 (positive) and upper width rate is additionally 54.041 (positive). Hence, both upper width measurements and lower width has same impact on factor noticed for SPSW.