Thermodynamic Analysis Of Wind Catcher With Cooling Pads Using SSG Reynolds Stress Turbulence Model.

  • ICIPPSD Conference


With increase in energy requirement, the researchers are looking for energy efficient passive ventilation techniques. The current design concept is based on environment sustainability and use of renewable energy sources is preferred over conventional energy sources. The current research investigates the wind catcher design with cooling pads using techniques of Computational Fluid Dynamics. The CAD model of wind catcher is designed using Creo design software and CFD analysis is conducted using ANSYS CFX software. The CFD analysis is directed at different air inlet velocities and SSG Reynolds stress turbulence model under steady state thermal conditions for both side open design and singe side open designs. The cooling pads have successfully reduced temperature up to 1.65 degrees for single side opening and 2.86 degrees for double side opening design. Maximum air flow rate is achieved with higher air inlet velocities for both design types.