The Finite Element Evaluation Of Support Bracket Using The Application Of Topological Optimization

  • ICIPPSD Conference


The demand for customized products has increased to suite various needs which could be easily developed using 3D printing technology. Most of the products require optimization for weight minimization which could be done using topological optimization tool. Topology optimization offers conceptual design for lighter and stiffer structures and helps to reach to efficient and aesthetic designs in lesser time. Topological optimization has shown its effectiveness is in improving design of structures with the help of high configuration and fast computing processors. With the use of FEA, the topologically optimized design can be tested which enables to determine design feasibility for different loads and boundary conditions. The current research investigates the application of topological optimization tool in weight minimization of support bracket. The generic design of supporting bracket is developed in Creo design software and structural analysis is conducted using techniques of Finite Element Method. The topological optimization tool enabled to reduce nearly 32% mass without much increase in deformation and stresses. The increase in deformation was found to be 5.6% and is profound in the regions of cylindrical support structure.