Guided MAC to Enhance Quality of Experience of Video Data Transmission over Massive MIMO

  • ICARI Conference


Massive MIMO (M-MIMO) system comprises multiple numbers of antennas to achieve energy efficiency and large gains in spectral efficiency in comparison to existing MIMO technology. The high speed and Quality of Experience (QoE) of video data over wireless communication have always been a challenge for researchers due to scarcity of the bandwidth, fading, and interference. The channels with high noise corrupt the transmitted video and results in poor QoE of the receiver. Therefore, to maintain the quality of the transmitted video, it is highly desirable to identify noisy channels and avoid transmission over them. This paper deals with the QoE of the transmitted video over Massive MIMO channels. The channels are categorized into two categories: good and bad depending upon the value of Signal to Interference and Noise Ratio (SINR). A channel above the minimum acceptable value (threshold) of SINR is categorized as a good channel otherwise a bad channel. A Guided MAC layer (GMAC) protocol is designed to transmit the video data over good channels only and to discard the transmission over bad channels.