Comparison of camphor and fuel injector cleaner effects on the performance and emissions of gasoline engines

  • Muhammad Usman Kaisan ahmadu bello university
  • Muhammad Kachalla ahmadu bello university
  • Ibrahim Umar ibrahim ahmadu bello university
  • Sunny Narayan Qassim university


In this research injector cleaner and camphor were blended with premium motor spirit (PMS). Physicochemical properties and effects on performance and exhaust emission on spark ignition engines were investigated. Samples with injector cleaner, shows the best physicochemical properties as compared to the sole petrol and camphor blended samples having a density of 0.72706kg/m2 (I5), flash point of 47oC by sample (I5, I10, I15,) and 48oC by I25, and 1.7 viscosity, performance analysis shows that I25 at 3Nm has a specific fuel consumption of 45.51kgkwh-1 and 27.2 kgkwh-1 which is best  recorded among all the samples, also the sample (I25) has shown the least emission of CO and CO2 with a 0.2% and 0.13% at 3Nm and 6Nm for CO emission and 1.22 and 1.47% for CO2 at 3Nm and 6 Nm respectively, concerning NOx emissions also sample I25,shows the best result were it reordered highest NOx emission reductions with a value of 312 and 342ppm at  3 and 6 Nm engine torque. with this it was concluded that injector cleaner blends are better as compared with camphor blends.