An examination of research trends and constructs concerning frameworks for Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM)-Review Paper

  • ICETET Conference


The writing of Sustainable Supply chain Management (SSCM) is overflowed with structures. Be that as it may, to date, there has been no endeavor to uncover the irregularities in the current systems and related research patterns. The motivation behind this paper is to survey SSCM structures and feature irregularities. The examination additionally helps in dissecting exploration patterns and builds of SSCM structures and encourages new applications. It utilizes the Scopus database and concludes a couple of systems in the SSCM are considering a period from 2000-2018, utilizing an organized writing audit approach and space specialists. It uses a battery of deliberate necessities-based inquiries to get patterns and covers building squares/develops. It uncovers irregularities at three unique stages: system arrangement, utilization stage catching existing exploration patterns, and build the structure. It likewise offers subtleties at structure square/develops level. Hence, it provides direction in diminishing irregularities and potential changes in existing systems. It uncovered existing growth and sub-builds and aides about the new forthcoming changes in a business affecting SSCM space. It additionally instructs about the qualities and shortcomings of every system. The investigation will help for change/revisions in existing structures by decreasing irregularities and urge new techniques to encourage applications. This is a one-of-a-kind report that offers a structures-based survey, depicts research patterns, and aids about develops a system by uncovering irregularities at each stage. It helps decrease irregularities and provides direction regarding changes in SSCM structure thinking about up and coming difficulties.