Prepaid Energy Meter With Theft Detection System Using iot

  • ICETET Conference


Power robberies are expanding each year across homegrown just as modern an area which influences the monetary status of the country. Different remote correspondence frameworks are accessible to recognize the force burglary, yet comes up short on the necessary foundation expected to utilize them. The point of the venture is to plan a framework to screen the force devoured by burden and furthermore to identify and dispense with the force robbery in transmission lines and energy meters. This work is additionally centered on imparting the burglary data to Electricity Board through IOT. As an organization of gadgets is associated like sensors it can trade ongoing data through web. In this undertaking Arduino is used to identify power burglary and send order to the IOT worker through wifi module so the authority from the Electrical office can see if the robbery discovery happens. The execution of this framework will help save enormous measure of power.