Using the Plate-Creep test to determine the impact strength properties of concrete

  • Murat Gökçe Amasya University


The paper aims to design a concrete against repetitive impact and abrasion resistance. Macro/micro steel fibers and two types of crushed stone based on limestone and corundum as aggregate were used in concrete mixtures. Impact test device has been modified, designed and used for impact strength testing of concrete. The usability of the plate creep test in determining the impact strength of concrete was also investigated.

According to the impact test results, it was found that increasing the compressive strength of concrete is not very effective against impact effect, but the increase in the amount of fiber used is effective in terms of impact resistance. While corundum aggregates were effective for friction and abrasion, the total fiber volume ratio directly affected the test in the impact resistance test. In the creep test, a high correlation was found between the abrasion, impact resistance tests and the creep test. It was revealed that the strength of concrete samples was effective in the formation of the first cracks, while the fiber dosage was important in toughness and energy absorption capacity in the creep test.

Key words: Impact resistance, energy absorption capacity, corundum and limestone aggregates, abrasion strength, macro-micro steel fibers.