Influence of Compaction on the Properties of Remolded Cemented Sands

  • Nabil Fathi Ismael Faculty of Engineering, Kuwait university
  • Aseel R. AL-Sanea Civil Engineering Department, Kuwait University, Kuwait


The properties and behavior of compacted cemented sands in Kuwait were examined by laboratory and model tests. Upon excavation the cementation bonds are destroyed and the material , locally known as gatch , is transformed into clayey sands with fines content (<0.075 mm) ranging from 20% to 40%. Testing included basic properties, compaction, permeability, direct shear and consolidation tests. Model tests were also carried out on a circular plate loaded on compacted soils to failure. The test soil was compacted to a relative compaction of 85%, 90%, 95% and 100%. The results indicate a significant decrease in the ultimate bearing capacity and the shear strength parameters c, ϕ, and an increase in the compressibility parameters Cc, Cs and the permeability as the relative compaction decreases from 100% to 85%. The rate of variation of the various soil parameters with relative compaction is examined.

Author Biography

Nabil Fathi Ismael, Faculty of Engineering, Kuwait university
Civil engineering Dept., Professor
Civil Engineering