Improving of Green Sand-Mould Quality using Taguchi Technique

wall thickness; additive mixture; number of ramming; hardness; Mould sand; permeability; Taguchi method.

  • Boopathi Sampath Department of Mechanical Engineering, Muthayammal Engineering College, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India, 637 408.


The green sand mould casting is an inevitable process to make large size and complex shape of the industrial components. The quality of green sand in mould is a significant phenomenon on casting quality. In this research, the number of ramming, sand thickness mould, and percentage of additives (western bentonite) mixing with sand have been considered to study the effects on permeability and hardness of mould by L27 orthogonal array. Greensand mould experiments have been conducted in the industry to observe the output parameter variations by Taguchi statistical analysis. It was revealed that the maximum permeability and minimum sand hardness have been obtained from the minimum number of ramming, thin sand thickness, and minimum mixing of additives in the sand. The confirmation tests were conducted to validate the predicted control parameter on responses.

Mechanical Engineering