The Prediction of diabetic retinopathy using machine learning techniques

Prediction of diabetic retinopathy using machine learning techniques

  • Jemima Jebaseeli Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences


Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) is the complicatedness of diabetes that happens due to macular degeneration among Type II diabetic patients. The early symptom of this disease is predicted through annual eye checkups. Hence, one can save their vision at an early stage. Later on, it prompts retinal detachment. There is a requirement for awareness among diabetic patients about this disease to prevent their life from vision misfortune. Along these lines, there is a need for a computer-assisted method to analyze the disease. The proposed system analyzes the disease and classifies the disease level effectively with high accuracy. Also, the system notifies the users about the stages of the disease. The proposed system is evaluated with the clinical as well as open fundus image data sets like DRIVE, STARE, MESSIDOR, HRF, DRIONS, and REVIEW for diabetic retinopathy prediction. Also, physicians evaluated the system and concluded that the proposed system does not deviate from the quality of disease analysis and grading. The proposed techniques accomplished 99.99% accuracy. The system is evaluated by the ophthalmologists and witness that the proposed system has not veered off as far as quality.