Design and Development of Experimental Based Phase Modulated Model Predictive Control for Torque Ripple Reduction of MMC fed BLDC Motor

  • EMSME 2020 National Institute of Technology Delhi


This article represents the torque ripple performance of modular multilevel converter (MMC) fed brushless dc (BLDC) motor using different current control technique. In BLDC motor, the armature current is not commutated immediately as a result generates the ripple current. For reducing this ripple current, a phase-modulated model predictive control (PMMPC) technique has been proposed. The stator ripple current is almost negligible using PMMPC. This PMMPC current control method is a significant minimization of torque ripple in BLDC motor. A comparative torque ripple behaviour of MMC fed BLDC motor has been done using phase-modulated model predictive control, model predictive control (MPC) and proportional integral (PI) control at different switching frequency. It has been observed that a PMMPC current control technique is more efficient as compared to the MPC as well as PI current control technique. A torque ripple of 22%, 27% and 46% is obtained for PMMPC, MPC and PI current control technique respectively at switching frequency 8kHz. It has also been observed that the torque ripple performance is improved while using PMMPC as compared to the MPC and PI controller. Simulation results have been verified with the help of experimental result and these results are obtained in good agreement to the simulated results.