Impact review analysis & scope of noise pollution for energy harvesting

  • EMSME 2020 National Institute of Technology Delhi


Process of obtaining energy from the environment can be called as energy scavenging or energy harvesting. In this paper, we explore the scope of scavenging electrical energy from the noise pollution present in environment and review various energy harvesting techniques for this purpose. Basically, noise is an unwanted sound that is loud, unpleasant and unexpected. Very high population, industrial, commercial activities and transportation increase the noise pollution level in the environment. In urban areas, transport related noise is the major cause of noise pollution. We know that electricity requirement is increasing day by day. Clean energy resources can help the electricity grid to fulfill the increased requirement without bad consequences. Clean energy does not produce any waste, which can pollute the environment. The various mathematical expressions have shown to minimize the level of noise pollution. With help of empirical formula more electricity can be produced. We reviewed the impact of transportation noise pollution, avoidance methods and simultaneous opportunity to transform it into electrical energy.