Load frequency control of three area power system using optimal tuning of fractional order proportional integral derivative controller with multi objective grey wolf optimization

  • PRAKASH AYYAPPAN B Anna University
  • Kanimozhi R Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University College of Engineering, Anna University BIT Campus, Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India


In an interconnected electrical power system, load frequency control is a most important ancillary service essential for maintaining the electrical system reliability at an adequate level. A Fractional Order Proportional and Derivative (FOPID) controller is a PID controller whose derivative and integral orders are fractional rather than integer. The FOPID controller supports the better stability of the designed model with controlled deviation in frequency and grid tie line power deviations. In this proposed research work, optimal tuning of parameters of various controllers like PI, PID and FOPID in the power system is to regulate frequency in a multi-area multi-source model which is designed with the hydro-thermal-gas generation units. A Multi-Objective Grey Wolf Optimization (MOGWO) algorithm is introduced for maintaining a balance among exploitation and exploration stages and provides the best value of fitness. The optimization is implemented with Firefly Algorithm (FFA) and MOGWO and also compared with three-area three-source and single area three-source model of the power system. The performance of the model designed is estimated from simulation results by means of MATLAB-SIMULINK tool. The simulation results show the effectiveness of FOPID controller in the presence and the absence of the FF and MOGWO algorithms considered and in that MOGWO algorithm is executed appropriately and it has improved the performance based on metrics such as overshoot, undershoot, and settling time

Electrical Engineering