Compressive Strength of Uncured Concrete Cylinders Fully Wrapped with Post-Tensioned Metal Straps (PTMS).

Strengthening of uncured concrete

  • Wrya Abdullah University of Sulaimani
  • Dr. Serwan Khwrshid Rafiq University of Sulaimani
  • Avesta Omar Civil Engineering Department, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq


During a national lock down and a curfew, most of the concrete projects are left without curing therefore, the elements of the building needs strengthening. An effective way in strengthening is using post-tension metal straps (PTMS) which is relatively new method. Therefore, in this study, the effectiveness of using PTMS is tested in strengthening cylinder samples without curing. For this purpose, 15 cylinders are cast and 12 of them are left without curing for 28 days. Three samples are tested without any strengthening and are used as control samples. The rest are strengthened using 1, 2, 3, and full layers of PTMS. To compare the strength of the cylinders, 3 cylinders of the same batch is prepared and cured for 30 days. It is proved that the compressive strength of the cylinders can increase by 39%, 57%, 84% and 125% if the samples are strengthened using 1, 2, 3, and full layers of PTMS. It is, also found that the failure becomes ductile as the number of layers are increased.

Author Biography

Dr. Serwan Khwrshid Rafiq, University of Sulaimani

Dr. Serwan Khorsheed Rafiq is a dean of college of engineering in University of Sulaimani and here are some more details about him

Qualification: PhD

Position: Dean of College of Engineering

Profession: Structural Engineering

Address: University of Sulaimani New Campus

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Sulaimani - Kurdistan - Iraq