Center-Slotted Wideband Hybrid 10 dB Coupler

  • Sehabeddin Taha imeci IUS
  • Kemal Temur


In this paper, a wideband microstrip hybrid coupler designed, simulated, built and tested. These couplers have advantage of easy fabrication, lightweight and incorporation with other microwave devices and validated using 3D planar electromagnetic softwares like Sonnet Suites. The final design is composition of two parallel lines with symmetric slits and a center slot. Directional coupler is designed and simulated to operate in the frequency range from 1 GHz to 5 GHz with 2.4 Ghz coupling bandwidth of -10 dB between 1.6-4 GHz. The measurred results of the fabricated coupler shows with the simulated results with great isolation characteristics.

Electrical Engineering