Part-time student selection problem with a novel hybrid approach based on DEMATEL-modified ANP and MULTIMOORA methods


This study aims at presenting a hybrid approach for the selection of students employed part-time at the various departments of the university. There are both qualitative and quantitative criteria for the selection of students. Thus, to handle the subjective assessment in the decision-making process, this study considers developing DEMATEL-modified ANP and MULTIMOORA. An empirical case study applied at Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department in Turkey is exhibited to test the effectiveness of the proposed decision-making method, which provides a fair selection considering three main and seven subcriteria. These criteria are determined in accordance with the previous experience of the commission members and the principles which are listed in the Administration Guideline of the university. The selection of one out of five candidates is performed by a novel hybrid approach. The obtained results and all scenarios in sensitivity analysis based on the changing of the decision makers’ weights and the changing of the dimension weights indicate that the S3 student remains the most preferred alternative, and the S4 student mostly is the most suitable alternative, respectively.

Author Biography

Büşra Günhan, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Kütahya Dumlupınar University, Kütahya, 43100, Turkey.

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Industrial Engineering