An advanced MPPT scheme for standalone solar powered PV system using neurofuzzy estimator based on measured data

  • Abdelaziz Salah Khelifa SAIDI King Khalid University
  • Ferdaws Ben Naceur
  • Mohamed Ali Mahjoub
  • Javed Khan Bhutto


An innovative technique for implementing the maximum power point tracking system for the Photo-Voltaic panel is proposed in this paper. The system comprises of a Neural Network Estimator (NNE), followed by a conversion coefficient and a calculation stage of the optimal duty cycle. The proposed NNE technique, implemented in MATLAB / Simulink, calculates the ratio of open circuit voltage corresponding to each solar radiation for various value of temperature to the corresponding standard open circuit voltage. A regularization coefficient is determined, which estimates the voltage corresponding to the maximum power directly from the open circuit voltage for each solar radiation. Finally, from the input/output equation of boost converter, the optimal duty cycle is evaluated. Simulation results have been used to assess the system performance for various situations obtained by using an existing photovoltaic model and real weather data, and relevant comparisons are also done to substantiate the performance advantages of the method. The Simulation results demonstrate that the optimization of the P&O MPPT control with a NN algorithm provides better results and performance in terms of accuracy and complexity. The results support the effectiveness and performance of using NNE-based MPPT controller approach. It is demonstrated that this controller can achieve almost 99% of the real PVP maximum power.

Author Biography

Abdelaziz Salah Khelifa SAIDI, King Khalid University

Dr. Abdelaziz Salah Saïdi-PhD (ENIT-LSE-Tunisia)

Assistant Professor: Power System Stability, Analysis and Control, and Renewable Energy.

Consultant, Energy and Water Resources Research Unit- King Khalid University - Abah, KSA

Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, King Khalid University (Al-Quri-Qer Quarter)

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