Synthesis of Zinc Fluoroborate by Wet Method and Its Application as a Flame Retardant for Cotton Fabrics

  • Duygu Yılmaz Aydın Malatya Turgut Ozal University
  • Metin GÜRÜ Gazi University


In this study, zinc fluoroborate was synthesized by wet method using fluoroboric acid and zinc oxide as reactant and its usability as flame retardant for cotton fabrics has been investigated. The maximum yield was determined related to the variation of reactant ratio, temperature, reaction period and stirrer rate. The characterization of the product was carried out by means of FT-IR, BF4- ion selective electrode and XRD. It was reached to 97% maximum product yield at the reactant ratio (nZnO/nHBF4) of 1:3 at 90 ˚C, reaction period of 90 minutes. The purity of the synthesized product was found as 98 %. Flame retardancy and high temperature resistance effects of zinc fluoroborate on cotton fabrics were investigated by LOI test and high temperature durability test method, respectively. Although LOI value of the original fabric was determined as 16, this value increased above 55 by impregnating of fabric with 50 % zinc fluoroborate solution.

Author Biography

Metin GÜRÜ, Gazi University

Chemical Engineering