An integrated Fuzzy DEMATEL and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps approach for the assessing of the Industry 4.0 Model

  • Enes Furkan ERKAN Sakarya University


Today, organizations are experiencing problems due to advancements in the environment, community, economy, and technology. In the future, physical and virtual systems, including the whole chain from product design to the distribution to customers and feedback will be required to overcome problems for organizations. Thus, it is essential for companies to comprehend and apply Industry 4.0. The most frequently encountered situation in the literature is the absence of research based on the practical experience of Industry 4.0 processes. In this study, firstly, the analysis of 9 concepts (Strategy, Leadership, Customers, Products, Operations, Culture, People, Governance, and Technology) is performed by utilizing the Fuzzy DEMATEL method, and a relation map is formed based on their interaction. Then, the interaction weights that are computed by utilizing the Fuzzy DEMATEL method are turned into the inputs of the Fuzzy Cognitive Maps method to avoid shortcomings of consensus in the method. As a result of scenarios, it is found to be more useful for organizations, wanting to apply the Industry 4.0 processes, to transfer their resources first of all to their activities with regard to the Strategies, Technology, and Operations concepts. The aim is to predict the maturity levels of Industry 4.0 of organizations for the future by employing the Fuzzy Cognitive Maps methodology. Thanks to the introduced model based on the integration of Fuzzy DEMATEL and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, an insight is provided into which concepts should be prioritized with regard to Industry 4.0.

Industrial Engineering