A bibliometric analysis of neuromarketing studies

  • feyza gürbüz erciyes university
  • Sabiha Ünal Nuh Naci YAzgan university


The aim of the study within this framework, articles published on Neuromarketing between 2013 and 2018 were examined separately in the title and topic categories on the Web of Science (WOS) site and is aimed to analyse the status of the articles in the last 5 years. Articles with desired properties are parsed and internationally published articles have been reached. Before data is thrown into the Citespace V program, the implementation steps you will see on the next pages have been implemented individually. Bibliometric analysis was evaluated as visual, textual and statistical analysis by filling the relevant fields according to the results of the desired analysis. According to the number of citations in the studies, the author's name, country analysis of articles, institutions where authors work, article page numbers, publication type, research area, year of publication of articles, source title, and document type were examined. According to the results of the analysis, articles published on Neuromarketing showed an increase in both title and topic categories in 2015-2016. Kim Jongha is the author with the most articles in both categories. India is the country that published the most articles on this subject. The most type of article document is determined as an article.

Industrial Engineering