Non-Isothermal Models to Determine the Rheological Constants of Different Kuwaiti Crude Oils

  • Bader Albusairi Kuwait University
  • Adam Al-Mulla Kuwait University


The rheological characteristics of four Kuwaiti crude oils (MG 23T, MG 29T, MG 34T and MG 108T) in the temperature range 298–313 K were investigated using the Bingham, Ostwald–de Waele, Herschel–Bulkley, Casson, and modified Casson models. The experimental data of the shear stress were modeled as a function of the shear rate and temperature. Statistical estimations were used to determine the most accurate model and non-isothermal empirical relations. The Ostwald–de Waele and Herschel–Bulkley models yielded the most accurate predictions for MG 23T, MG 29T and MG 108T, and MG 34T, respectively.

Chemical Engineering