Extractive/Oxidative Desulfurization Optimization of Diesel Feed Stock by Ionic Liquid Utilization/ Thermodynamic Analysis

  • Qasim Y. Rahawi
  • Nadjet Berrabia
  • Boudjema Hamada
  • Ahmed Mahmood Daabo University of Mosul


The current research paper focuses on the physico-chemical optimization’s parameters for the Microwave Assisted Extractive/ Oxidative Desulfurization (MAEOD) of a real Algerian diesel. The oxidative desulfurization was carried out using vanadyl acetyl acetonate as catalyst, hydrogen pyroxide (30%) as oxidant and an acid Bronsted Ionic Liquid (IL) in situ synthesized as extractor. The utilized optimization method is consistent with the full factorial experiment. The engaged parameters are the masse ratio (catalyst/oil), the volume ratio (IL/oil), and the reaction time. Quantification of total sulfur in samples was realized by X-ray fluorescence and a regression model is formed. The most important model parameters’ interaction effects are examined and the ISO-response curves are outlined in order to simulate the optimal conditions.




Petroleum Engineering