An intelligent transportation system for forecasting wireless communication network issues with cyber attacks

  • M.Khaleel Ullah Khan K L University
  • K S Ramesh


This paper propose a method to design an “Intelligent Transportation System” for forecasting wireless communication network issues with cyber-attacks. WCN is a broadly classified and critical gateway for any communication devices because the WCN is operated at various frequency ranges in different locations. In order to maintain its performance and also to prevent any attacks due to its high data handling, we need an ITS to analyse and detect the cyber-attacks before going to implement it in real time transportation. In general WCN is an IEE 802.11 standard which can be operated at physical TCP/IP layer as well OSI model. In this paper we are going to design, analyse and detect cyber-attacks in simulated WCN transport system using our proposed methodology called ITS based cyber-attack detection. Stacked firewall system is used for reducing fake attacks and detecting real time attacks in transportation system. Hence any fake attacks or real time attacks captured by the ITS will be informed to the system controller to make decision to whether it is a false-positive or real attack. ITS is the main process of the stacked firewall system which in turn take responsible to control, maintain, and prevent any cyber-attack.

Computer Engineering