The Efficiency of Mobile Hydraulic System with Diesel Engine and Axial Piston Pump Analysis

  • Murat Kapsiz RWTH Aachen University


Hydraulic systems are used in a wide variety of applications, stationary as well as mobile.  Nowadays mobile hydraulic systems spread in construction, forestry and agricultural Industry. Hydraulic pumps und motors are in many cases used for both propulsion and various work functions and is thus often a significant user of energy. Efficiency performance of a mobile hydraulic systems over a wide range of pressure and speed conditions is crucially important for power unit to save energy. In this study, efficiency of a mobile hydraulic system are studied. Mobile hydraulic system is equipped with diesel engine as power unit and axial piston pumps used for hydraulic power. The relationships between the efficiency of the axial piston pump and the power loss, the efficiency of diesel engine and the output power were explained by graphics. Losses of an axial piston pump have been determined thus fuel consumption and CO2 emission caused by these losses were shown by graph. The research focused on analysis for axial piston pump in mobile applications, with emphasis on pump losses, fuel consumption and CO2 emission. 

Mechanical Engineering