Implementation of bi-directional searching Chemical Reaction Optimization(CRO) algorithm towards achieving cutting tool indexing time minimization in Automatic Tool Changer(ATC)

  • Karthikeyan Arthanary Associate Profesor


Determination  optimum cutting tool position in a tool magazine is a challenging  task  which involves huge searching space. In the present  industry scenario a reducing a nano- seconds in manufacturing process is highly beneficial in  large volume production. The main concept of this research is reducing total indexing time of turret or tool magazine ,i.e optimal number of rotations which reduces non cutting time of the bi directional CNC Turret or Tool magazine. This is one of the typical Non deterministic polynomial (NP) hard problem which having complex searching technique with many non trivial solutions. In this research Chemical Reaction Optimization (CRO) algorithm is proposed to determine globally optimal solutions in a shorter duration. To know the  effectiveness of the proposed  algorithm four case studies were considered from the literature and its shows efficient solutions.

Industrial Engineering