Image enhancement in wavelet domain based on histogram equalization and median filter

  • Firas Mahmood Mustafa Dept. of Chemical, TCE Engineering College, Duhok Polytechnic University and CCE Eng.Dept., Nawroz University, Duhok, Iraq.
  • Haval Sulaiman Abdullah Dept. of Electrical - Electronics Engineering, Aksaray University, Aksaray, Turkey.
  • Atilla Elci Dept. of Electrical - Electronics Engineering, Aksaray University, Aksaray, Turkey.


During the acquisition of a new digital image, noise may be introduced as a result of the production process. Image enhancement is used to alleviate problems caused by noise. In this work, the purpose is to propose, apply, and evaluate enhancement approaches to images by selecting suitable filters to produce improved quality and performance results. The new method proposed for image noise reduction as an enhancement process employs threshold and histogram equalization implemented in the wavelet domain. Different types of wavelet filters were tested to obtain the best results for the image noise reduction process. Also, the effect of canceling one or more of the high-frequency bands in the wavelet domain was tested. The mean square error and peak signal to noise ratio are used for measuring the improvement in image noise reduction. A comparison made with two related works shows the superiority of the methods proposed and implemented in this research. The proposed methods of applying the median filter before and after the histogram equalization methods produce improvement in performance and efficiency compared to the case of using discreet wavelet transform only, even with the cases of multiresolution discreet wavelet transform and the cancellation step.


Electrical Engineering