Optimization of dynamic reactive power devices’ coordinate operation for minimizing HVDC’s successive commutation failure based on PSO

  • Ning yu Zhang
  • Qian Zhou
  • Xinyao Zhu


For the purpose of improving voltage stability, more and more dynamic reactive power devices (DRPDs) have been built in AC/DC hybrid power system. In order to take advantage of these devices adequately, this paper introduced an optimization model for multiple DRPDs’ coordinate operation. Reactive instruction in steady-state of DRPDs, usually decided by operators of power grid, are treated as optimization variables, while the objective is minimizing the successive times of HVDC’s commutation failure under a number of grounding faults. Power flow equations and electro-mechanical transient process of AC/DC hybrid system are considered simultaneously. Though time-domain simulation method, commutation failure of HVDC under each grounding fault could be obtained. Based on the characteristics of the model, particle swarm optimization (PSO) is used to get DRPDs’ optimal reactive instruction in steady-state. The study is done by considering Jiangsu power grid in eastern china, containing multiple DRPDs such as synchronous condenser, STATCOM and UPFC. The results show that the proposed model and algorithm are corrective and effective.

Electrical Engineering