Modeling of hole geometrical features in laser drilling of AISI316L sheet

  • Satish Namdev Manipal University Jaipur


Micro-drilling of AISI316L is very challenging task. Unconventional machining process may be used for such type of operation. Laser beam drilling (LBD) is a best for micro drilling. High thermal energy and converging-diverging property of laser beam affects the quality of laser drilled holes. In present work Nd:YAG laser beam has been used and investigate effects of laser input parameters on responses. To minimize number of experiments, get extreme information for experimental trials. Central composite rotatable design approach has been adopted. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) is used to find reliable input parameters those are affecting responses. From this paper, it is found that current, gas pressure (GP) are significant for hole circularity at top. Current and pulse frequency (PF) are significant for bottom side circularity. Current and cutting speed (CS) are significant parameter for hole taper.

Mechanical Engineering