A Computer-Based Simulation and Evaluation: Applying an Automatic Sprinkler System for Extinguishing Scooter Fires in Arcade Areas

  • Sheng-Chieh Lee National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • Ching-Yuan Lin National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • Ying-Ji Chuang National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • Yuan-Shang Lin Central Police University


In Taiwan, arcade buildings function as areas for parking scooters, spaces for markets and walkways for pedestrians. In recent decades, arcade fires have caused many cases of serious casualties due to the likely direction of fire that spreads from the first floor up, which hinders the evacuation routes. The majority of fire prevention research has focused on confined spaces or rooms instead of arcade areas. Specifically, the controlling of fire spreads that are caused by scooters in arcade areas has been rarely discussed. The variables of spaces, Response Time Index and sprinkler activation temperatures are modeled in 5 fire scenarios with the Fire Dynamics Simulator software to simulate the real arcade fires in this paper. The results show that (1) setting an automatic sprinkler system can effectively suppress the arcade fires, (2) the quick response sprinkler RTI≦50 is the most effective type and the result is similar to RTI=25, and (3) the sprinkler settings with either 2.3 meters or 2.6 meters do not have significant effects on heat release rates.