June Issue 2021 - Volume 9, Issue 2

Sl.No Title Section Volume & Issue
1 The impact of technology on external architectural appearance Architecture V-9, I-2
2 Pyrolysis Yields of Tobacco Crop Residue as a Potential Alternative Fuel Sources Chemical Engineering V-9, I-2
3 The Effect of Groundwater Petroleum Hydrocarbons Contaminants on Chlorine Removal in Basra City (South of Iraq): An Application of Mixed Technology of Permeable Reactive Barrier Civil Engineering V-9, I-2
4 Influence of the New Tender Law on Construction Project Bid Prices and Durations in Kuwait Civil Engineering V-9, I-2
5 Development of sustainable solutions to sand encroachment on roads in Kuwait using numerical modeling Civil Engineering V-9, I-2
6 Numerical evaluation of discharge coefficient and energy dissipation of flow over a stepped morning glory spillway Civil Engineering V-9, I-2
7 Innovative survey of defense machinery against sybil attacks over wireless ad-hoc network on IoT Computer Engineering V-9, I-2
8 An AAC tablet application for children with language impairment Computer Engineering V-9, I-2
9 Quantification Label for Mobile Apps Computer Engineering V-9, I-2
10 The Embedded Framework for Securing the Internet of Things Computer Engineering V-9, I-2
11 Optimal Location of UPFC based on Sensitivity of CDF with Power System’s Stochasticity Electrical Engineering V-9, I-2
12 Sensorless Rotor Position Estimation of PMSM for Low and High Rotor Speed Electrical Engineering V-9, I-2
13 Methods for Protecting Network from Islanding Danger Electrical Engineering V-9, I-2
14 Multilevel Converter Integration For Low Voltage Ride Through For Controlling Renewable Wind Energy Conversion Systems Electrical Engineering V-9, I-2
15 Half-hour global solar radiation forecasting based on static and dynamic multivariate neural networks Industrial Engineering V-9, I-2
16 A New Mathematical Model to Cover Crew Pairing and Rostering Problems Simultaneously Industrial Engineering V-9, I-2
17 A simplified formula for determination of relative pressure in the precision forging of spur gears Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-2
18 Optimal Forecasting of Thermal Conductivity and Storage in Parabolic Trough Collector Using Phase Change Materials Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-2
19 Mechanical behavior of a lower limb prosthetic socket made of natural fiber reinforced composite Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-2
20 Optimal Design of Tricept Parallel Manipulator with Particle Swarm Optimization using Performance Parameters Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-2
21 The environmental life cycle assessment of different electricity options in Kuwait Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-2
22 Investigation the impact of injection timing and pressure on emissions characteristics and smoke/soot emissions in diesel engine fuelling with soybean fuel Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-2
23 Determining the optimum fixed solar-shading device for minimizing the energy consumption of a side-lit office building in a scorching climate Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-2
24 Expert Solution for Effects of Input Parameters on Multiphase Flow Correlations Petroleum Engineering V-9, I-2