Performance Analysis of CAT Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Disruption Tolerant Networks

  • Sangeetha R Research Scholar


Disruption tolerant networks (DTN) are networks that provide unguided technologies. Solar technologies and Radio frequencies are used to operate the network. In DTN networks the connectivity does not last for a long time and they do not provide end to end connectivity. Therefore it uses store and forward technique to forward the packets to the destination nodes. When N number of nodes is participating in the network, each node receives packets from the previous node and sends acknowledgment to the sender node. Time delay occurs on receiving and sending acknowledgment continuously. Collision occurs due to the congestion in the network. Due to the irregular connectivity in the network, the compromised nodes try to drop the whole packet or part of the packet. The Blackhole and Greyhole attacks occur due to the packet loss. Optimized algorithm can be used to solve the above attacks. By using CAT Swarm optimization algorithm, the attacks can be prevented and it minimizes the Time delay in delivering the packets.

Electrical Engineering