September Issue 2021, Volume-9, Issue-3

Sl.No Title Section Volume & Issue
1 A Study of Communication Ties Among Team Members in Work Environments Architecture V-9, I-3
2 Simulation of superelastic ni-ti wire force application on orthodontic alignment case Chemical Engineering V-9, I-3
3 An assessment of risk awareness of medium and large size construction organizations in Kuwait -Amani S A S Bu Qammaz, Rufaidah AlMaian Civil Engineering V-9, I-3
4 A Sectionalized-Dual-Band Method for Ground Motion Record Sets Civil Engineering V-9, I-3
5 Modeling of soil strength using multiple linear regression (MLR) Civil Engineering V-9, I-3
6 The Dynamical Analysis of the General Beam Model with Some Discontinuities Civil Engineering V-9, I-3
7 Mechanical Strengths and Thermal Performance of Sustainable Foamed Concrete by Recycling of Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) and Eggshell Ash (ESA) as Supplementary Cementitious Materials Civil Engineering V-9, I-3
8 Rock masses stresses investigation based on over-coring with SCIRO cell test and 3D finite element modeling: Numerical Approach. Civil Engineering V-9, I-3
10 An Investigation of The Effect of Different Aggregate Type on Concrete Properties With Thin Section and Non-destructive Methods Civil Engineering V-9, I-3
11 Effect of the Time Delay on the Magnitude of the Onset Galloping Wind Speed in Semi-Active Controlled Suspension Bridges Civil Engineering V-9, I-3
12 Local Scour Protection Using Geocell for Downstream of Spillway -Enes GUL, Talha SARICI, Ömerul Faruk DURSUN Civil Engineering V-9, I-3
13 Development of heavy truck models and their effects on girder bridges -Lang Liu, Xian Le Zhang, Jie Wang, Hong Yang Civil Engineering V-9, I-3
14 Fusion of Near-Infrared and RGB Images on a FPGA Computer Engineering V-9, I-3
15 Bi-directional LSTM with Saliency-aware 3D-CNN features for Human Action Recognition Computer Engineering V-9, I-3
16 A Prolog-Based Approach to Arabic Syntax and Semantics Computer Engineering V-9, I-3
17 The Use of Computer Games for Teaching and Learning Cyber Security in Higher Education Institutions Computer Engineering V-9, I-3
18 Varying PRNG to Improve Image Cryptography Implementation Adnan Gutub, Budoor Al-Roithy Computer Engineering V-9, I-3
19 Sliding repetitive control with adaptive bound estimation for motion systems liable to periodic exogenous signals Electrical Engineering V-9, I-3
20 Nonlinear State Feedback Controller Combined With RBF For Nonlinear Under actuated Overhead Crane System Electrical Engineering V-9, I-3
21 Fractional order PID sliding mode control for speed regulation of permanent magnet synchronous motor Electrical Engineering V-9, I-3
22 Novel VDBA based Universal Filter Topologies with Minimum Passive Components Electrical Engineering V-9, I-3
23 A New Passive Islanding Detection Technique for Different Zones in Utility Grid Electrical Engineering V-9, I-3
24 Model for Construction Project Delay Occurrence (PDO) Electrical Engineering V-9, I-3
25 Small-Signal Analysis and Hardware Implementation of Boost Converter Fed PMDC Motor for Electric Vehicle Applications Bader Alajmi Electrical Engineering V-9, I-3
26 Solar SAPF based on DPC with disturbance rejection principle: study and simulation Electrical Engineering V-9, I-3
27 Tracking Patients Healthcare Experiences During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis of Doctor Reviews Industrial Engineering V-9, I-3
28 Instrumental music vs. the Quran recitation: which has the most influence on the accuracy and speed of work Industrial Engineering V-9, I-3
29 Benchmarking of analytical and advanced nonlinear tracking approaches Industrial Engineering V-9, I-3
30 Development of an affective model for the front visual quality during automobile driving Industrial Engineering V-9, I-3
31 Design, characterization, and performance analysis of miscanthus fiber reinforced composite for brake application Industrial Engineering V-9, I-3
32 Crystallite Size on Micro-mechanical Characteristics of WO3 Microparticles Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-3
33 Microbond multiple fibre pull-out test to evaluate interface properties of UHMWPE/LDPE self reinforced polymer composites for automotive applications. Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-3
34 Flow Characteristics and Noise Reduction Effects of Air Cleaners of Automobile Air Intake Systems with Built-in Resonators with Space Efficiency Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-3
35 Thermal buckling analysis of cross ply plates based on new displacement field Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-3
36 End Effector Position Calculation with the ANN for Tapping Machine Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-3
37 Design and discrete optimization of hybrid aluminum/composite drive shafts for automotive industry Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-3
38 Ageing drivers’ mental workload in real-time driving task based on subjective and objective measures -Nurul Izzah Abd Rahman, Siti Zawiah Md Dawal, Nukman Yusoff Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-3
39 Surveying the topography and examining the quality of the machined surface of selected hardened steels in the milling process-Darina Duplakova Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-3
40 Effect of pulsating disintegrating air flow on electric arc depositing Mechanical Engineering V-9, I-3
41 Application of Multiphase Flow and Droplet Separation Theory in Modeling Cough Droplets Contamination Range to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission – Do not Stand too Close to Me! Petroleum Engineering V-9, I-3