Determination of the interaction between groundwater and surface water using environmental isotopes (Oxygen-18, Deuterium and Tritium) and chemical analyses in Uluova Region, Elazig, Turkey

Murat Celiker


In this study, the effects of surface waters on groundwater aquifers were examinedvia physico-chemical analyses and environmental isotopes. The study was carried outin the Uluova region located 10 km northeast of the city of Elazig (Turkey). Watersamples were acquired from the Uluova aquifer, Keban Dam Lake, Hazar Lake andHaringet stream during the wet and dry seasons. The water samples were analyzedfor Oxygen-18, Deuterium, Tritium, temperature (T), electrical conductivity (EC)and Chloride (Cl–). According to the results of environmental isotope analysis, threedifferent groups of water masses were identified in the basin in the wet and dryseasons. The equation of the line formed by the points in the Oxygen-18 – Deuteriumgraph for water samples received from the Uluova region was defined as δD=6δ18O –10.50 for dry season and as δD=6δ18O – 8.66 for wet season. Tritium values of watersamples were classified as 0-4 TU, 4-6 TU and 6-12 TU for wet and dry seasons,respectively. Consequently, it was found that Uluova groundwater aquifer is fed bydaily precipitations. The surface water irrigations from Keban Dam Lake and HazarLake affect the aquifer during irrigation season. This has not changed the classificationmade by the Tritium content of the aquifer.


Environmental isotopes; geographic information systems (GIS); hydrogeology hydrogeochemistry; Uluova region.

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