A comparative analysis of multi-objective and multialgorithm approaches for the optimal design of distribution transformers



This paper presents the sizing of three phase transformer using four intelligentalgorithms namely geometric programming, genetic algorithm, simulated annealing,and particle swam optimization. Four independent objective functions and eightconstraints were used. The comparative analysis carried out on the results obtainedfrom these intelligent algorithms shows that all the outputs from the intelligentalgorithms are the same. The fastness of results shows that geometric programmingis the fastest, while genetic algorithm, simulated annealing, and particle swamoptimization followed in that order. The output results from the cost objective functionwere compared with the results obtained by Masood (2012) and it showed that moneywas saved in the following order, 6.4%, 16.32%, 10.63% and 16.79% respectively forgeometric programming, genetic algorithm, simulated annealing, and particle swamoptimization.


Constraints; minimisation; objective functions; particle swam optimization; simulated annealing

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