All-optical polarization-encoded negabinary signed-digit adder designs using terahertz-optical-asymmetric-demultiplexer switches

Abdallah K. Cherri, Nabil I. Khachab, Ali T. Hajjiah


Incontrast to intensity-encoded negabinary modified signed-digit number representation, a polarization-encoding scheme is proposed to design all-optical adders. The utilization of the proposed polarization-encoding produces more efficient circuits in terms of gates numbers and circuit delays. Three all-optical adder circuits are designed using Terahertz-Optical-Asymmetric-Demultiplexer (TOAD) switches,polarization beam splitters, polarization converters, and beam combiners. Itwill be shown that the proposed circuits utilize 51.7%, 45.5%, and 21% less gates and they are faster by 44.4%, 42.9%, and 40%, respectively, than thecorresponding intensity-encoded circuits.


All-optical gates; Intensity-encoding; Negabinary signed-digit; Polarization-encoding; Terahertz-optical-asymmetric-demultiplexer

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